Research and Evaluation Director

NC Partnership for Children
Raleigh, NC Full-time
Posted on December 16, 2019

Provides organizational leadership to develop and maintain effective programmatic quality
assurance,research and evaluation for the Smart Start network.

Description of Responsibilities:
1. Direct programmatic quality assurance and evaluation strategies for NCPC Champion and
develop internal systems for continuous quality improvement and data driven decision making.
Bring CQI mindset to leadership team. Provide data and evaluation results and research evidence
to inform external reports, agency and Smart Start policy development, and Board-approved policy
agenda. Represent Smart Start in state level partnerships related to data and evaluation. Recruit
well qualified department staff. Develop a departmental team environment, ensuring staff coordinate
their work efforts to foster an aligned approach, group learning, and efficiency. Seek opportunities
for staff development. Keep staff informed of new information, expectations, and instructions from
NCPC management.

2. Lead data collection and reporting for the Smart Start system. Support a culture of date-driven
decision-making for the Smart Start community including data for quality assurance and quality
improvement. Ensure the Smart Start system uses data at the population, partnership, and program
levels to track and understand results. Oversee the development and distribution of annual
population level data reports for each county. Lead review of Smart Start outcome indicators to
propose changes. Work closely with the IT Director to develop and maintain systems for local
partnerships to collect and report programmatic data to NCPC. Ensure data-related training and
technical assistance are provided to local partnerships. Supervise the analysis and reporting of annual
programmatic results. Work with staff to develop surveys as needed. Engage with state level partners
to coordinate data collection efforts when possible. Ensure periodic data requests are answered
appropriately in a timely manner.

3. Oversee programmatic quality assurance process. Work with the Early Childhood Systems and the
Research and Evaluation teams to provide regular enhancements to the Smart Start evidence ratings
and research summaries. Work with program officers to review research evidence for new activities,
ensure activities are aligned with evidence, and approve evidence for activities. Coach NCPC staff and
local partnerships to align evidence with community needs data, community demographics, intended
outcomes, and selected measures.

4. Direct evaluation studies Lead studies conducted in-house and/or manage the recruitment,
selection, and monitoring of contractors to implement Smart Start evaluation efforts for specific
activities as funding allows. Work closely with 1) program staff to determine evaluation project
objectives, and 2) with contractors to ensure the deliverables are based on appropriate methodology,
meet NCPC needs, and stay on budget.

Preferred Qualifications and Competencies:
▪ Requires a master’s degree in Education, Public Health, or other social services field, with a strong
emphasis in evaluation and/or program measurement, and quantitative analysis. PhD preferred. A
minimum of seven years professional business experience, with five years supervisory/management
experience or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
▪ Preferred experience in non-profit organizations with a focus in early childhood education, family
support, and health in the human services industry.
▪ Excellent planning and analytical skills, attention to detail and the ability to work cost-effectively and
efficiently; strong computer skills and a working knowledge of statistical software (Stata preferred)
▪ Advanced knowledge of and experience in program evaluation methods including advanced research
designs, logic model development, qualitative methods, and quantitative methods
▪ Previous training in survey design
▪ Knowledge of measure and scale development
▪ Ability to handle confidential data including personally identifiable information in an appropriate
▪ Ability to develop evaluation approaches suitable for a general audience and to explain and translate
advanced evaluation methods and findings to a general audience
▪ Proven leadership ability and collaborative approach to finding solutions, achieving quality work, and
delivering outcomes and materials on time in a changing, fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
▪ Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with professional contacts, resources and/or
networks and relate to people with sensitivity, tact, discretion and professionalism.
▪ Ability to respond quickly and professionally to high-level requests for information with short turnaround deadlines
▪ Comfortable in and able to contribute to an organization that prioritizes use of a racial equity lens