National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI)

Cary , NC

Technical Communications Specialist

National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI)
Cary, NC Full-time
Posted on October 5, 2018
National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc. (NCASI) Essential Job Functions: Translate scientific information and data, often complicated and dense content, into easily understandable communications products for broader non-scientific audiences. a) Collaborate with NCASI scientists and engineers to interpret research results and translate them into content appropriate for NCASI's various audiences (technical and non-technical, public and members) via the use of multiple communications channels (print, email, website, video, social media). b) Read, absorb, process, and communicate complex information. Assist in responding to technical queries by NCASI clients and others in a competent and timely manner. c) Develop infographics, charts and graphs that visualize data in order to make complex research and concepts more accessible, understandable and usable. 2) Communications Strategy and Implementation a) As part of the NCASI communications team, participate in the planning and implementation of the organization's communications strategy. b) Stay abreast of the public communications needs of NCASI's members and partners related to the environmental profile of forestry (particularly as it relates to the areas of water, carbon and species at risk). c) Assist with content development for redesign and maintenance of the NCASI public and members-only websites. d) Provide copyediting and formatting support for the production of NCASI publications, including technical bulletins, current awareness memoranda, handbooks, activity reports, and newsletters, as needed. e) Hold confidential information in confidence. 3) Research and Project Management a) Identify current and emerging research in NCASI's technical studies program and at other scientific institutions that is relevant to NCASI's members and partners. b) Provide scientific information to NCASI's members and partners for use in communication materials with input from NCASI scientific staff, as well as review communications materials generated by NCASI's members and partners from a technical/scientific perspective. 4) Work with NCASI's members and partners to identify the specific communications objectives that require scientific perspective and/or detailed knowledge. Objectives will be scoped out in an annual Work Plan agreed upon by both NCASI and NCASI's members and partners, updated every six months. Maintain regular contact with NCASI's members and partners regarding progress on the Work Plan. Additional Responsibilities: 1. Undertakes additional activities as assigned by the Communications Program Manager. Minimum Qualifications: 1. Baccalaureate degree in a relevant field, such as English, Journalism, Engineering, or one of the Natural Sciences. 2. Five years' experience (or more) in science journalism or technical writing and/or technical editing. 3. Demonstrable and facile knowledge of the language and terminology important to NCASI technical publications and scientific research, including the following disciplines - biology, chemistry, forestry, environmental engineering, and public communications. 4. Ability to think creatively about the best ways to use data and research to build and strengthen the scientific foundation of communications products. 5. Ability to derive objective, credible statements from detailed research results and communicate highly complex data and information in layman's terms. 6. Ability to write technical articles and publications that are coherent and intelligible, and edit technical articles written by others to enhance their accuracy, readability, and visual appeal. 7. Familiarity with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. Experience with web content management systems. Additional Qualifications: 1. Experience in researching and writing technical publications in the field of environmental science and engineering. 2. Experience with graphic design software. 3. Experience creating infographics. 4. Experience with photography and/or video production for the Web. 5. Familiarity with social media and how it may be used effectively within the context of a non-profit membership-based association. 6. Familiarity with forestry and/or the forest products industry.