Environment Scientist

Jacobs   Durham, NC   Full-time     Science
Posted on September 12, 2021

Environmental Scientist for Durham, NC sought by Jacobs Technology Inc., dba Jacobs, to conduct laboratory research experiments.  May travel to unanticipated locations as normal to the occupation.  Must have a Bachelor’s degree.  Foreign degree equivalent acceptable.  Academic program must have included 1 course in/with each of the following areas: (1) Air Pollution Control, including estimation of emission (emis.) rates, air pollution regulations, PEMS (Portable Emis. Measurement Systems) to study real time on-road vehicular emissions, application (applic.) of air quality sensors to study human exposure to pollutants in transportation microenvironments, & air quality emis. models; (2) Environmental (Env.) Exposure Assessment, including the study of human health risk assessment, estimation of pollutant exposure doses based on personal activity, pollutant transformation & degradation processes; (3) Physical (Phys.) Principles (Princ.) of Env. Science (Sci.) (or Phys. Princ. in Env. Engineering (Eng.)), including fate & transport of pollutants, fluid mechanics, particle transformation & interactions & design of reaction chambers; (4) Solid Waste Management (Mgmt.), including applic. of life-cycle analysis to waste mgmt. systems, mgmt. of greenhouses gases, waste to energy transformation, waste treatment by composting, anaerobic digestion & combustion, leaching techniques & transport of chemicals in soils & groundwater; (5) Env. Bioprocess Technology, including applic. of microbiology to improve air & water quality, kinetics & stoichiometry of biological reactions, energy & resource recovery using biological processes, aerobic & anaerobic reactions & design of reaction chambers; & (6) Chemical Princ. of Env. Sci. (or Chemical Princ. of Env. Eng.), including applic. of inorganic & organic env. chemistry to improve air & water quality, fate & transport of chemicals, water quality modeling using US EPA  (United States Env. Protection Agency) QUAL2K.  Send resume & cover letter (no calls) to the employer:  Jacobs, Ms. Cindy Rollins, HR, Jacobs, 600 William Northern Blvd, Tullahoma, TN 37388.


Durham , NC