Salt Lake City , Utah

GroundsKeeper JO# 1489552

Salt Lake City, Utah Full time
Posted on January 2, 2018


Mowing, trimming, planting, digging, raking, leaf blowing, sprinkler, installation. Post-employment drug test. 1 month exp. required. Must tolerate extreme temps., loud noises; lifting heavy equipment and exhibiting stamina. Full-Time 40 Hrs. No OT.  M-F 7:30am-4pm. $13.44/hr. Biweekly pay. Employer makes law-required deductions, provides tools/supplies/equip-no charge, assures ¾ work days every 12-weeks. 1 work week used as wage standard. Return transport provided if workers finish contract or laid off.  Transport. provided based on most cost effective common carrier for distance. Subsist. provided at $12.07-$51/day during travel w/ receipts. 60 temporary positions from 03/18/2018 to 11/30/2018 at various work sites in Salt Lake City, UT MSA. Transport. provided to work sites from shop.

Send resumes to Tom at Landscape Management, 9860 South 6116 West, West Jordan, Utah 84084 or apply at Department of Workforce Services - Metro Employment Center, 720 South 200 East Salt Lake City, UT 84111, Phone: 801-526-0950.  JO# 1489552.