Biological Scientist I

Avioq, Inc   Durham, NC   Full-time     Science
Posted on April 21, 2024

Analyzes data, intrprts results & devels sound concls to con't the wrk of the devlpmnt process & supp rsrch goals. Prfrms data analysis using approp analytical methods. With the help of team mmbrs, desgns exprimnts based on proj needs. Helps to trblshoot unexpec'd results & exercises some independ for experimntl dsgn. Provides tchnical ass't on projs by follow'g an adapted tech apprch. Follows good lab practices & applies scientific principles & techs to achieve lab exercises & exprimnts w/min super. Maintains prop recs includ lab notebooks & assists in writing proj reps. Organizes wrkload to meet proj goals & undrstnds priorities & completes assgnmnts in a timely manner. Communicates tech info internally in order to benefit the comp & its custs. Reqs bach’s in Bio. Mail resume to Avioq, Inc., 76 TW Alexander Dr, Durham, NC 27709.

Avioq, Inc

Durham , NC
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